Wayne Madsen Interview 2011 - "Julian Assange is a Terrorist

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In this brand new exclusive interview by RT, Wayne Madsen discloses that Julian Assange was accidentally reponsible for a 1976 terrorist bombing of a Cuban commercial air-liner (when he was a mere child, trained by his former SS elite CIA operative father from as young as the womb, "most likely.") Assange intended to put the Patriot Act "into the internet" from the very start, Madsen asserts.

Madsen also suspects that Assange was "probably" infact the real JFK assassin, and also that he may be holding onto documents which prove UFOs are planning to abduct all of the World's bankers, and is suspicious of Assange for not disclosing them.
But regardless of all that, Madsen also states "Julian Assange deserves the Nobel prize for both Peace & Economics."

Anonymous agrees: Nobel Peace Prize for Julian Assange.


It is also rumored Madsen was resentful towards Assange for declining an invitation to a 'rather good time' at a night-club while on his stay in Europe, and his derogatory comments of Assange earlier were said in spite of that incident. Madsen has declined comment on the subject.

Anonymous wishes Wayne Madsen a speedy recovery from his alcoholism.
By CountCrackulous 3 years ago
By CountCrackulous 3 years ago