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    Henan Woman Killed as Security Guards Watch


    by NTDTelevision

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    On Monday a 38-year-old woman was killed by a digging machine in China's Henan province. It's a big deal for many Chinese because while officials claim the death was an accident, a video circulating widely on the Internet suggests it wasn't. The woman had died while protesting a construction project, and many locals blame the authorities for letting it happen.

    In China's Henan province on Monday (January 3rd) a 38-year-old woman and mother, Li Li, was killed by a digger. It happened while she was protesting a construction project, local media reported.

    Officials say her death was an accident. But this video has led many to believe otherwise. It was originally shown on local television, and now it's circulating widely on Chinese websites. It shows Li Li being crushed by a digging machine while rows of security personnel look on—without trying to stop it.

    This man (in the video) claims a water resource official named Zhang had told workers that he would take responsibility if they killed a protestor. But he says Zhang then stated, quote, "Kill eight to 10 of them and no one will dare obstruct our work."

    This latest death comes just nine days after an unrelated incident, where a village chief in Zhejiang province was suspiciously crushed under this truck. He, too, had protesting a construction project. Officials claim his death was an accident, while many in the general public believe he was run over intentionally.

    Both these recent cases have sparked public mistrust of Chinese authorities.