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    Peaceful Pumpkin Soup and Heavenly Vegan Chocolate Chip Cook


    by VegetarianElite

    27 views We're coming to you today from Perth in western Australia where we feel very blessed. We've just had 2 days of beautiful, much needed rain. But today, even though the sun's out, it's quite cold. So we're going to make a pot of Peaceful Pumpkin Soup. Peaceful, because it comes from our beautiful organic garden, and nothing has been harmed at all. And then we're going to make some Heavenly Chocolate Chip Biscuits. So come with us, and let's go and have some fun. We have some pumpkin here, some sweet potato, some red lentils, a baby chili, and a vegetable stock cube, and some water and that's it. So we've already peeled and deseeded the pumpkin, and we're just going to roughly chop it. And I say roughly because we're going to blend it, so it really doesn't matter what it looks like. When you're deseeding your pumpkin, keep them. And they end up like that. Give them a wash and dry them, and you'll have your own pepitas