Brazilian Vegan Orange Flan with Caramel Sauce In Portuguese

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  • Add to Welcome to another program of Vegetarianism: The Noble Way of Living. We're in Brazil, and today we will prepare an orange flan! A very refreshing recipe, isn't that so? You're right! It's very refreshing and the ingredients we will use, we usually have at home, which are sugar, water, corn starch -- something we use a lot because you can use it to prepare sweets and savories -- and the main ingredient, the oranges. I noticed as well that you use demerara sugar. Exactly! Can you change it for another kind of sugar? Actually, only with crystal sugar. Because brown sugar changes the sweet flavor a bit, and refined sugar I don't recommend because in some places they use animal bone char. So, it is just too refined. There are too many reasons, so just cut it. So, only demerara, or at most, crystal sugar