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    Karmaless Cuisines of Jainism: Sweet Orange Pineapple Deligh


    by VegetarianElite

    42 views Welcome to today's episode of Vegetarianism: The Noble Way of Living. We are back here at the Jain Center of Northern California. Yesterday, we learned how to make an Italian and Indian fusion dish called Daal Dhokli Pasta. To complete the meal today, our guest chef Mr. Pravin Turakhia will show us how to prepare a scrumptious dessert. All dishes are vegan, of course, and made in line with Jainism beliefs and traditions. One of the key principles that guides this practice is the principle of nonviolence or ahimsa. Ahimsa is a way of life where we have this natural compassion for all living beings and respect for their freedom and individuality. The principle of compassion is integral to our food habits. But it is not free of karma; it minimizes the amount of violence