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    Colorful Cuisines with Chef Cary Brown Barbeque Vegan Ribs


    by VegetarianElite

    38 views Today, we're excited to present to you the start of a series of colorful international cuisines by chef Cary Brown.You might recognize Cary's name on the package of Follow You Heart's Chicken-Free Chicken as the creator of this ingenious soy-based alternative to chicken. A chef mostly by passion and hobby,Cary has a decorated background in the arts as a writer,producer,the past 4 decades.He has won numerous commendations including an Emmy Award for the Olympics well as being recognized by the Directors Guild of America. He has insteucted film and television at the University of California Los Angeles,University of Southern California,and the American Film Institute.Nowadays,Cary divides his time developing educational programs and teaching students,how to be healthier,and enjoys his days serving delicious vegetarian dishes at a local veteran's hospital.On this episode of vegetarianism:The Noble Way of Living,Cary is joined by actor Chris Molle