Akali solo mid guide

Gabriel Sine
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I build and play akali as a burst assassin, this is not the only viable way to build her, just what suits my playstyle best. My build is as follows:

9x Spell pen marks
9x Dodge seals
9x AP/lvl glyphs
3x Flat AP Quints

1 - Dorans blade, health pot (paired with 2 AD from masteries to activate the passive)
2 - Sheen, t1 boots
3 - Sorc boots (or mercs if opposite team is heavy on cc)
4 - Mejais soulstealer (skippable if I'm not doing well)
5 - Rylais Scepter
6 - Either a Zhonyas (wether I get the offensive or the defensive one since the last patch is situational) or a Lich bane
7- w/e I didnt get first
Last I would build a Guardian's angel or a Banshee's veil, but I've never been in a game that lasted this long...

1 - Dunkelheit by Burzum
2 - Heartbreak (Bare Noize Remix) by M Black
3 - Linoleum by Pain of Salvation

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