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    Podhoretz: Disarm Iran, Bring Peace to the Middle East?


    Podhoretz: Disarm Iran, Bring Peace to the Middle East?
    The Hoover Institution - The Hoover Institution
    The editor of Commentary magazine and the film critic for The Weekly Standard, John Podhoretz served as a speechwriter in the administrations of Presidents Ronald Reagan and George H. W. Bush. He is the author of Hell of a Ride: Backstage at the White House Follies.Podhoretz begins this wide-ranging discussion with the assertion that "[T]he national counter assault against Obama is a manifestation of democratic politics as they ought to work," not a blatant attempt at obstructionism. "Politics begins when elections end."Shifting from domestic politics to international affairs, he outlines the deteriorating U.S.-Israel relationship, its impact on the Jewish American community, and how this relationship is further strained by divergent views in the administrations of each country on how to evaluate and confront the danger posed by a nuclear Iran.