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    Limb Pizkit - Break Stuff Part 2 UN-Official Music ...


    by nobudgettelevision

    No Budget TV is finally back with the long awaited parody of Limp Bizkit's "Break Stuff"! Download the FREE MP3 HERE! See the outtakes here! Click the share button above the description to tweet this video and post it on your facebook! HUGE SHOUTOUTS to these fine folks for collaborating on this video with us! Go subscribe to them! DoubleODude Disillusi0ned2010 (Starbuck) Rafidiisme and TYBOZE! Also hit that subscribe button for us too! or Twitter! Facebook! Music and Vocals were recorded by C.J. Crawford and Doug Brundies Drums programmed by Jerry Smith Original version of this song "Break Stuff" recorded by Limp Bizkit. This is a parody version that is allowed and protected under fair use copyright law. The music does include changes to avoid confusion for the original version and the lyrics are completely re-written as a direct parody of the original.