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    Brave Zionists - Occupied Palestine

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    -I will comment on this soon. (I was going to comment, but instead will share the included article at the end)
    Most importantly, I would like people watching this to remember not to associate these soldiers with Jews. Israel and the IDF do not represent the Jewish Hebrew race, or the members of the Jewish faith.
    Please, give racism the red card!
    *also this is not my film, I do not take credit for the footage or comments.

    The article:
    Jewish writer
    Israel Accused of Racism
    Jerusalem : The Jewish writer Amirah Haas has criticised the Israeli government’s dealing with the Palestinians in the in the occupied territories in the Israeli daily Haartez.

    In his article, Haas says it has become habitual to confine the 40,000 residents of Hebron to their homes, just so that the 500 Jewish settlers could be comfortable and enjoy security, adding that it has also become natural for Israelis to keep silent about such things and pretend that they don’t know anything about them. He goes on to say that it has also become fashionable to close 34 schools meant for thousands of Palestinian children for over a month while confining the students to their threatened homes, yet make it possible for Jewish children play around in a very normal way in the streets, among soldiers.

    Haas deplored the racist behaviour of Israelis against unarmed Palestinians, by taking advantage of their military superiority in their aim of inflicting maximum inconvenience to the Palestinians. Haas wrote at length about the suffering of the Palestinian people in summers when the water supply to their areas is interrupted and Palestinians have to face problems in search of water as their movements are restricted and regulated. He compared the scarcity of water in the Palestinian territories with the abundant availability of water in the Jewish areas. He said the latter have water in excess of their essential needs, and they utilize the balance in watering their gardens, just so that they could become greener. He said when it comes to movement, the Israelis’ movements are not in any way restricted and they move about with gay abandon, with some of their nicely paved roads on land that had been confiscated from the Palestinians.

    Haas concluded his write-up by saying: “The new Intifada, in its popular and quasi-military form, is a final attempt in telling the Israelis: Look at yourselves, and see the type of racists that you have become.”