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    I've got little ones like Mars


    by james32_

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    A clip of John James and Josie in the pool on day 20. Josie notices that John James has tiny nipples, but John James protests his nipples are the same size as Mario, which results in John James and Mario comparing nipple sizes. John James reveals to Mario and Josie what he wants to stay in the house and see. Talk turns to what John James will do when he is evicted (surprisingly, John James thinks he's going to be evicted soon). Mario and Josie tell him that their friends will take care of him when he leaves, so he'll have people to hang around with. This leads to a discussion of whether John James should go to gay bars with Mario. John James tells Josie that he'd probably get along better with Rachel1 when he saw her outside of the house.

    At the end of the clip, Big Brother requests John James returns his clippers, which he's lent to the other housemates and they've been using all morning. He thinks he's being punished because all of the other housemates used his clippers.