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    Mudslide Kills Three Children in the Southern Philippines


    by NTDTelevision

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    Three children lost their lives in a mudslide in the southern Philippines. Heavy rains over the weekend are being blamed for the tragedy.

    The bodies of three children were recovered on Monday in the southern Philippines after heavy rains caused a mudslide over the weekend.

    Local authorities say the three bodies were found buried near their houses when the mudslide struck the village Sunday afternoon.

    One man who managed to escape said they were about to leave their house to seek shelter in an evacuation center when a portion of the mountain collapsed onto their houses. His two children didn’t make it out alive.

    [Roberto Descallar, Mudslide Victim]:
    "My wife was about to cook rice when I told her to leave the house. I was about to get my son when... we were trapped."

    President Benigno Aquino expressed his regret over the victims of the mudslide and asked the local government to conduct an investigation.

    Residents were advised earlier that day to leave their houses and seek shelter due to the rising floods and threat of possible mudslides.

    Other areas in the southern Philippines have already experienced severe flooding that displaced thousands of residents.

    The government has banned the residents of St. Bernard from staying near the mountainous area since a massive mudslide that took the lives of thousands of residents living near it in 2006.