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    Get Creative with Print Shop Pro 2_0


    by techwench


    If you’re interested in exploring your untapped creativity in areas like creating your very own household newsletter; a greeting card for the holidays with your own personal touch; or even merchandising material for your business that looks professional, then Print Shop Pro 2.0 is for you. It is targeted at consumers who have publishing requirements, but lack either the expertness or the money necessary to make use of the more complicated and expensive publishing products like InDesign, retailing for $700, or Quark. Print Shop is both easy enough for the interested home user, and powerful enough for the small business owner who needs to be able to create letterheads; business cards; and individualized direct mailers. The process can even be simplified to simply adjusting 1 of the many templates available to suit your needs, but you may encounter some obstacles if you want to do more than fine tune them a little.