Where's the Iraqi Army - Entertaining

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Taken from: Where's the Iraqi Army? Where's the Republican Gaurd?

I think the fact that American troops bombed and removed Al Jazeera shows that they are already aware of the power that media serves during a war. That was pretty racist though.

The Director of Strategic Communications continued to mention "those who died to make that moment happen...[to the journalist when interview is over] wasn't that powerful, you just think of all the folks that died to make those moments happen, it's amazing," made me wonder if the topic was on his mind because he was trying to convince himself and really needed the people around him and the people who watched the broadcast to reassure thim that "all of those people died for this. amazing!"
aI wonder what would be thought of a soldier who didn't clap with the crowd during Bush's speech

"what are we gonna lose next?"
You know Americans have lost as well, especially our brave soldiers who have been essentially pawned by a specialized elite class to start a privatized war and are sharing the spoils with simular government partners aka allies.


all those people Are scum and lucky they are still alive to run their rat mouth
By superwop16669 5 years ago
i love the media..lol...they'r like kids. one week its the boogyman the next its monsters under the bed they cant decide who's more dangerouse the U.S. or iraq
By Andy holguin 8 years ago