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    PS Downgrade - PS JailBreak downgrade PS3 for Homebrew!


    by MorrisDeidre5578

    Download link: Hello! A video to show how cool PSJailbreak team are. You can downgrade 3.50, (and hopefully future firmware) to any firmware you want. You can do 3.15 to get linux back, or 3.41 for the highest compatibility of homebrew support! You have to have an original PSjailbreak (not a clone, if your device cost less then 99 USD or so then you have a clone!!!) ATTENTION: The PSdowngrade is no longer needed to be paid for, It FREE! All you need is an original PSjailbreak! (will not work on clones) With 1 device you can downgrade your console as many times as you want! You can buy from here our store, its in stock!!!!!