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    Burmese Journalists Don't Fear Oppression


    by NTDTelevision

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    In Oslo, Norway journalists work around the clock to produce uncensored news about the situation in Burma. The military junta in Burma is trying to block information to citizens, but as our correspondents in Norway report... there are people risking their lives to get information out.

    In a Studio in Oslo, Norway a group of journalist work day and night to produce news stories sent from Burma by their colleagues inside. This is The Democratic Voice of Burma, an independent media outlet. These reporters are at great risk and recently a reporter was sentenced to 8 years in prison by the Burmese military regime.

    [Khin Maung Win, Deputy Executive Director, DVB]:
    "He was filming a bomb explosion, a deadly explosion in April 2010 in Rangoon. The Security guards arrive and he was arrested. Now he was given eight years prison time but we don't know if there is more charges coming. That is very usual that the Burmese's Regime add up more charges to make your prison time longer."

    During the 2007 protests in Burma, the Democratic Voice of Burma got a lot of attention after releasing footage of the fatal shooting of a Japanese journalist. The cameraman involved in filming the event also paid a high price.

    [Khin Maung Win, Deputy Executive Director, DVB]:
    "This Japanese journalist was shot dead during the 2007 Saffron Revolution and again our cameraman captured that image and we circulated it worldwide. APF in Japan set up a Memorial and award to honor the journalist to take the risk like that journalist. So this female journalist won the award. She was given 27 years in Prison and five different charges."

    An award-winning documentary has been made about the lives of these reporters who work under great pressure.