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    Third day of violence in Egypt


    by ODN


    Egypt has suffered a third day of protests, following a bomb attack outside a church on New Year's Day that killed 21 Christians.

    On Monday riots broke out in Cairo as hundreds of predominantly Christian protesters clashed with police in late night demonstrations.

    In the capital's northern district of Shubra, police surrounded hundreds of protesters in tight cordons near the neighbourhood's main church, while youths dashed out of side-streets and pelted their armoured cars with rocks.

    A priest eventually helped calm the situation by reportedly convincing security forces to open their lines and allow the protesters to disperse.

    The horrific attack on the Saints Church in Alexandria on January 1 seemed designed to upset Muslim-majority Egypt's fragile sectarian balance.

    It was the biggest attack in at least a decade aimed at Coptic Orthodox Christians, who form 10 per cent of Egypt's population.

    The head of Egypt's Coptic Orthodox Church appealed to the government on Monday to address Christians' issues and ease tensions.

    Christians feel they are discrimated against when it comes to building their churches and the job market. There are also concerns the government is not confronting rising conservative Islamic prejudice in society.

    As yet no group has claimed responsibility for the New Year's Day attack.