Célébrations du nouvel an en Corée du Nord - no comment

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Des milliers de personnes marchent tambour battant, et scandent des slogans devant des hauts dignitaires Nord-coréen en soutien à la nouvelle politique nationale annoncée dans le pays pour la nouvelle année 2011. No Comment | euronews: watch the international news without commentary | http://www.euronews.net/nocomment/

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OMF! How tragic ~ how really, really sad that anyone, anywhere on our most beautiful & precious planet, should have to EXIST in such a state of fear & control. It is atrocious, absolutely appalling & more than disgraceful. Who do these F*CKERS think they are? This is ABUSE at it's VERY, VERY WORST EVER!
What on Earth did these POOR PEOPLE ever do, to warrant such inhumane punishment?
I am HORRIFIED beyond comprehension.
In fact ~ I'd rather take my life than live through that kind of HELL on Earth.
~South Africa~
Par @nnie il y a 3 ans