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    Is Yelling or Shouting the Best Way to Discipline Teenager?


    Is Yelling or Shouting the Best Way to Discipline Teenager

    Find out correct methods to discipline your child.

    Using parental discipline theory will be more effective than spanking or yelling.

    First analyze the situation.

    Children seldom behave wrongly to upset you.

    Discover the reason of their misbehavior.

    Do not consider discipline to show power.

    Don’t threaten them to show them either they listen to you or you will get even more upset.

    Parental discipline technique is all about working together.

    Use your wisdom in guiding your child to correct the behavior.

    Often a child does not respond to discipline techniques because they are confused what you want.

    When you are facilitating several discipline methods your child is clueless what to do.

    Use the same discipline techniques every tim