"World Class Dancing" - Professor on Shen Yun in Kitchener,

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Also at Shen Yun's run in Kitchener, Canada is one professor from a local university who says the show's dancing and backdrop are impressive.

Alison Konrad is a Professor of Organizational Behavior at Western Ontario University.

She saw the classical Chinese dance and music show Shen Yun Performing Arts in Kitchener, Canada over the weekend. It was her first taste of classical Chinese dance.

[Alison Konrad, Organizational Behavior Professor]:
"The movements that the people have are amazingly impressive. So stretched, so high. Put the hand way up here and kick, all the way up there, and then the leg goes up, all the way back. Movements that are very impressive, you know. It's clearly world class dancing. I have never seen this before."

She also enjoyed Shen Yun's digital backdrop.

[Alison Konrad, Organizational Behavior Professor]:
"It's a really neat synthesis of the technology and the art. It really, really makes it beautiful. I really like when the goddesses come down, come through the clouds, and then the peer up behind the stairs and come on to the stage for us."

One of the acts in the show depicts the persecution of the Falun Gong meditation practice, going on in China today, where a teacher is persecuted for her beliefs.

[Alison Konrad, Organizational Behavior Professor]:
"And then her students are all very sad. And the goddesses come and save her. So being a teacher myself, it was wonderful to see a teacher being the heroine of the show."

NTD News, Kitchener, Canada.

Shen Yun runs in Kitchener through Tuesday night. It will also be traveling to Spokane Washington Washington this Tuesday and Wednesday, and begins a ten show run at Lincoln Center in New York City on Thursday.