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    iPad Making And Receiving Calls Line2 VoicePoint Toktumi

    Jeremy Jeremy Green

    by Jeremy Jeremy Green

    471 views 30 Day Free Trial Line2 VoicePoint Toktumi iphone support fast
    How to make and receive calls on your iPad, iPod Touch and iPhone. The application is free and has a 30 day trial, after those 30 days it does cost!

    I'm on my 30 day free trial & I'm loving all the services you get:
    •Auto Attendant •SoftPhone to use with your computer desktop...
    •Virtual Assistant •Mobile Apps
    •Conference Calls •Dial-in Access
    •Call Handling •Find Me, Follow Me
    •Custom Greetings •Visual Voicemail
    •Dedicated Business Line •Unlimited US/Canada Calls
    •Search Dialing •Low International Rate

    iPhone Support Fast website :

    Feel free to email us: or

    All the best,
    Jeremy Green
    888 406 1036