Line2 Demo App that adds a second line to your iPhone

Jeremy Jeremy Green
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  • Add to 30 day free trial. Line2 VoicePoint Toktumi adds an easy to manage second line for business to your iPhone with great contact management and a web-based control panel for routing calls, setting up dialing rules, auto-attendants, call forwarding, conference calls and more. You can also place calls (including conference calls) over 3G VOIP.

I'm on my 30 day free trial & I'm loving all the services you get:
•Auto Attendant •SoftPhone to use with your computer desktop...
•Virtual Assistant •Mobile Apps
•Conference Calls •Dial-in Access
•Call Handling •Find Me, Follow Me
•Custom Greetings •Visual Voicemail
•Dedicated Business Line •Unlimited US/Canada Calls
•Search Dialing •Low International Rate

All the best,
Jeremy Green
888 406 1036