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    Home Alone 2 Normal


    by Shortmandesigner

    The sequel to Home Alone 1 for MS/DOS, Home Alone 2 is also developed by Manley Associates and published by Manley Associates.

    Kevin is lost in New York City, when he encounters Harry and Marv, two crooks he encountered the year before who tried to rob from his house. Now Kevin has to run through the streets, shops, and his uncle's apartment in New York while throwing objects and creating obstacles for the crooks. Can Kevin evade them until he gets to Rockafeller Center, or will he be caught?

    Game controls:

    Move around - Arrow Keys
    Jump - Insert
    Pick up an object - Enter
    Throw/Interact with an object - Spacebar

    Tip, if you're running right, use your thumb for the arrow keys, pointer for Enter, and middle finger for Insert.


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