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    HOW PLEASED I WAS WITH THE SERVICES!! It is unforgivable that it has taken this long to write this letter; please forgive me. After mother's funeral, then her memorial luncheon (more on that in a minute), Brad and I went to Puerto Vallarta. We just go back. I didn't enjoy a minute of it - because I felt guilty the entire time for not having written this letter! Smile. I want you to know how pleased I was with the services Horan and McConaty Funeral Home and your staff provided. As you know, Marie lived to be 95 and I can vividly recall, on more than one occasion, that I thought it was well past the time she should go toward the light. Oddly enough, when it happened, I felt sad in a way I hadn't at all expected. Go figure. One thing I didn't have to worry about was the myriad details involved with her funeral. I knew you would take care of everything, and you did.