Have a Green New Year


by EcoBold

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Buy bottle here: http://www.ecobold.com/blogs/107-green-new-year How to green your New Year? In 2011 you'll see how easy it is to go green, here I give you three basic tips and every one of them is fairly easy to implement. Some are more expensive than others, but all tips are for all budgets! The first tip is to start shopping at your local farmers' market, it's not only much healthier for you but also your food has traveled only a few miles to get to you rather than thousands of miles coming from the other side of the planet. Also, when your fruits and veggies have to travel that much, they are harvested unripe, which means that most nutrients haven't even formed yet, quite different from your farmers' market fruits and veggies that are usually harvested the day before and are full of nutrients that we need. The second tip is to get a reusable water bottle, reusable shopping bag and reusable coffee mug. Most coffee shops will give you a .10 to .25 cents discount when you bring your own reusable mug, which can add up to several dollars throughout the year. Your own reusable bag because you can take hundreds of plastic bags from going to landfills, it's also becoming a trend for cities to forbid plastic bags (such as San Francisco), plus some places are starting to charge for plastic bags! The third tip is to spend some money on yourself this year. Try to get at least one thing that's significant enough that can make a big impact in your body. For example it could be an organic mattress that doesn't release any VOC's or a wool carpet that is completely natural and has no toxic materials going into the air you breathe (plus it's a natural fire retardant!) or it could be a completely new set of non-toxic pots and pans such as Ceramcor's which can cost anywhere from $300 to $500. I hope you all enjoyed these ideas, have a safe and green New Year and don't forget to subscribe for our newsletter, we've a bunch of things coming up for the new year and hope to have you along the ride!