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    Jennie Finds Great Stuff : Dogs wearing Scarves, ...


    by podpocalypse

    See all the links & videos at on This week Jennie finds Sexy: Dogs wearing Scarves - A bunch of festive pictures of dapper K9's in winter gear. Geeky: Faces Everywhere - from marcofolio - this just in, we're surrounded by everyday objects peering into our very souls! Funny: Grandma Kanye Tweets - srsly, can twitter get better? at the end, that old lady told gives YOU a thumbs up for being awesome. Think you've found something cool? Submit it Hosted by Jennie Newman @screenbug Directed by SamProof @samproof Shot by Ed Spangler Cut by Niko Nechoechea Stand by for weekly episodes of the Podpocalypse Show with Jennie Newman! Think you have a great pic/post/video? Submit it to us - leave a comment below or submit it at Have More Podpocalypse fun with us at