My Ohio Home-Earl Randolph Orchestra

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by Lou

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My Ohio Home-Earl Randolph Orchestra on Broadway 1135-A.Ted Wallace on the vocal.


"My Ohio Home". I love this play of words. Reminds me of "I'll See You In C.U.B.A" Just the correlation of course, not the song.
Great post.
Thank you for sharing.
By Walter Gray 4 years ago
Nice one. I liked the authentic old record sounds left unedited. Was that John Boehner at about 2:00? Good luck to him and his crew as they try to do good in the upcoming sessions. The country might be wishing for the return of Nancy Pelosi sooner than you think.
By Boston Blackie 4 years ago
Indeed Grzegorz, although the eminent discographer Brian Rust credits the Earl Randolph pseudonym to the profusely recorded, but largely forgotten Joseph Samuels Orchestra (with, still according to Rust a few known exceptions: Nathan Glantz on Banner 1120, Harry Reser on Broadway 1105 and Puritan 11311, Fred Rich on Broadway 1115 and 1169, Adrian Schubert on Broadway 1339), this statement is quite illogical, since Rust's most recent Samuels dance band reference dates from 1925. One way or another Rust seems to have overlooked a few issues. Hence I'm definitely with you regarding the Kirkeby/Wallace credits!
By kspm0220s 4 years ago
Oh I love it! I guess by the name of singer, that Ear Randolph orchestra must be one more "incarnation " of Ted Wallace, who in his turn must be a nickname of someone like Ed Kirkeby or a sort. I just love the pure 1920s hot dance band's sound and all the noise you had left unprocessed. Happy New Year! And - by the way - will you be so kind as to go to my latest Irving Aaronson's uploading and read my rather long stroy I just mailed to Patrick. This can be quite interesting for you to learn about new habits in You Tube: of sending not only One warning per time, but now: the whole packages of them. It looks like a compulsory manic behaviour: reminding of medicine addicts, who in certain periods must double a dose. What a world, indeed...ADDED A MINUTE LATER: oh, I just noticed Patrick's comment below! Sorry for repeating the conclusions he already posted 17 hours ago! I am proud, anyway, that we had similar ideas about the ID of mysterious Mr Randolph :-))
By grzegorz240252 4 years ago
Earl Randolph is another rarely heard band- I wonder if I ever did so before. I guess it is related to the Kirkeby outfits? This Ted Wallace sounds quite a lot like Scrappy Lambert!! Great tune anyway, to favorites.
By kspm0220s 4 years ago