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    Two people killed in hot air balloon crash


    by ODN


    A hot air balloon has lost control and plummeted to the ground killing both occupants in Somerset.

    The accident happened shortly after 9.30 on Saturday morning close to the grounds of a golf club in Midsomer Norton, near Bath, Somerset.

    Witness Sarah Andrews said: ''I looked up and there was a hot air balloon on fire, there was a big ball of fire underneath it and the basket was alight as well.

    ''It was coming down very quickly. I thought it was coming through the roof of the houses.''

    According to Avon Fire and Rescue Service a ground crew tracking the balloon lost sight of the aircraft in the clouds shortly before it came down.

    The two people were pronounced dead at the scene. No other aircraft were thought to be involved in the accident and no one on the ground was injured.