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    SAT-7 PARS Farsi worship song فارسی آهنگ عبادت مسیحی


    by kadosh777

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    SAT-7 PARS Farsi Christian worship song - When The Sprit of The Lord by Gilbert Hovsepian

    SAT-7 PARS provides a vital platform for Farsi speaking Christians who live in Iran and the wider Persian world (including Afghanistan and Tajikistan). Each day SAT-7 PARS airs specific blocks of original programming for children, youth, and women, as well as teaching programs for a general audience.

    SAT-7 PARS broadcasts from Eutelsat Hot Bird 8 at 13 degrees East frequency Txp 122, 10,949 MHz, Vertical.

    SAT-7 PARS operates 20 hours daily. SAT-7 TURK uses the remaining four hours of PARS frequency broadcast time.