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    New Express Rail Link from Seoul to Incheon in South Korea


    by NTDTelevision

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    There's now a direct link rail line for people traveling between Seoul and the Incheon International Airport. For an extra eight dollars, the 36 mile journey can be reduced by about 10 minutes.

    Travelers now have an express rail link from Seoul to the Incheon International Airport in South Korea. The rail link opened on Wednesday.

    Officials say the 36 mile express journey will make it easier for travelers to get between the two cities.

    Normal trains reach the airport in 53 minutes for $3 while the new express service will take 43 minutes for about $11.

    Regular trains run every six minutes and express service leaves every 30 minutes.

    There is also a limousine bus service for about $13 that takes just over an hour to get to the airport if there's no traffic.

    A luggage delivery service is available from Seoul to Incheon so travelers using the train don't need to travel with their baggage.