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    copyright 2010 Lisa B. Falour, B.S., M.B.A. all rights reserved LISA, INC. (EURL)

    MISSING TIME first appeared in print in LAST LAUGH/QUIET DAYS IN SAINT-DENIS, a literary zine available from Bill Blackolive, 1776 N. McCampbell, Aransas Pass, Texas 78366 USA -- just enclose a dollar or some stamps for a copy, work with him, very nice guy.

    Project Bluebeam was used on unwitting US citizens until 2004. The events described herein took place in the USA in 1989 and then in 2000. The Otis Installation is top secret and is not on all maps, but is on some, and is around East Sandwich, Massachusetts, on Cape Cod.

    My spouse has refused to return to the USA since all this went down.

    I don't mind much that US military personnel might want to inteview the spouses of possible abductees, what I do disagree with was that my spouse was taken and scared, mutilated slightly, and that we both lost three hours of time, simultaneously.

    Owning a gun will not protect you from this technology. Jesse Ventura does have a good segment up about this on American TV. They can make you hear music in your head, or whatever they want you to hear. We are powerless against this. At least this weaponry does not involve bloodshed, but the ramifications are disturbing, indeed. Independent research I did reveals that Bluebeam was used often on American guinea pigs until 2004, when too many fussed.

    I have been certified SANE in France this year. Although disabled, I do not get a stipend. I have not been able to sort out the employment situation.

    I invite you to read FREAK WAVE 2, about to appear, and MODERN WOMEN by MoMA is out and I al Lisa Baumgardner therein.

    I have three movies and a documentary for American public TV in pre-production. The book THE FINISHING SCHOOL is available for publication.