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Song used in the first Jurassic Park movie in the background of the meeting of Nedry and Dodgson.

It was listed as "Que Milagros Chaparrita" by The Madacy Mariachi Band. For many years, fans like myself searched for the song and could not find even one version which was similar to the one in the film, let alone the original.

One day I checked the lyrics I could hear in the movie (in spanish) and googled them. To my surprise, I found a different song called "Las Gaviotas".

Then, I found this CD on iTunes where original song was and, guess what, the song prior to it was "Que Milagros Chaparrita".

Clearly, it was a mistake from the people in charge of the credits and because of their mistake fans who wanted the song looked for years for a totally different tune!!!

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