Helicopter blows calf away from icy end

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A news helicopter has helped rescue a stranded baby calf from an icy lake in Oklahoma using wind from the helicopter to push it to the side.

The pilot, Mason Dunn has used his helicopter to save a stranded animal in the past, using the same method to help a deer that had been stranded a year ago.

He said: "I [would have] never forgiven myself if I went out there to try to save a calf and it fell through the water and drowned.

"But when I arrived, it was set up perfectly for me... There were no trees, no wires. It was a huge pond, the calf was out in the middle of the pond.

"It was an easy decision, we just went right down there and it took me about 30 seconds to blow it over to the shore."

Vicki Cosby, a news reporter, called Mason Dunn to the lake. "It was a wonderful ending," she said, "What a wonderful Christmas [gesture] to save a little baby calf."