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    Severe Flooding in Queensland & New South Wales, Australia


    by NTDTelevision

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    Flooding continues in parts of Queensland and New South Wales, Australia. The government has declared disaster zones in the towns of Chinchilla, Theodore and Dalby. Fortunately these areas are rather sparsely populated. However, there are major concerns as the ground is totally saturated so that even light rain adds to flood levels.

    Areas in Queensland, Australia have been declared danger zones by the government due to heavy flooding.

    In the central Queensland town of Theodore, 300 residents were evacuated, some by helicopter, when the Dawson River reached a record high level of 46 feet on Monday.

    Heavy rains also caused major flooding to farmland in Chinchilla, leaving properties isolated and forcing residents into evacuation centers since Monday.

    Charlies Creek broke its banks, causing major damage to homes.

    [Unidentified Resident]:
    "Pretty extreme, I've never seen it this high. There'll be a lot of mess and cleaning up."

    The Myall Creek near the town of Dalby reached a peak of nearly 11.5 feet on Monday, prompting evacuations.

    In the neighboring state of New South Wales, up to 200 people were evacuated from the town of Kyogle between Monday and Tuesday.

    Authorities say it's the worst flooding in the area for decades, and damage is expected to exceed $1 billion.