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    Did you ever think you'd care about someone in here?


    by james32_

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    I think at the start of this clip when Josie says that she would be fine with the situation if John fancied Rachael or a new H/M, John looked a little concerned, as if to say if you would think that , then you cant love me as much as I love you. However then Josie says ".She cares about him so much she just wants him to be happy " then he has a little smile awwwww
    By mamajean5 years ago
    Loving these long clips James, thanks again. Still finding out things about JJJ that made them tick. Thank god John did have the determination & patience to break down those walls. He needed patience sometimes too, when he was trying to have a serious convo with Josie, she would start talking about something different. No wonder she could never remember anything. lol
    By sbyres255 years ago
    @jo-reid I know,im getting sick of that!
    By johnandjosie1235 years ago
    Joanne Reid
    why do the adverts keep coming on in the middle
    By Joanne Reid5 years ago