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    Does the Average Israeli Believe in Peace?


    by NTDTelevision

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    Hostility and war between Arabs and Jews have gone on for many years. Influential politicians and statesmen from Israel as well as other countries are trying to bridge the gap between Jews and Arabs. In our next report, our correspondents polled several Israelis for their stance on the peace process.

    We met with Israeli's in Zikhron Ya'aqov in Haifa district, Israel, and a resident of Umm El-Fahm, and heard their perspective on peace. Do they or don't they believe in peace?


    Another Israeli woman puts the blame on failing to bring peace on extremists on both sides.


    Most of the public believes that the politicians don't promote peace. But there are also a few optimists.

    "Until now the politicians have done nothing, so I don't put a lot of faith in what the politicians can do. I think I'll put more faith in time.".


    Lately, due to the renewed Israeli construction at Judea and Samaria, peace talks between Israel and the Palestinian Authority have ceased. The U.S. is trying to negotiate with both sides and renew the talks. In spite of this it seems that there are people who still see the bright side of the picture.

    [Agbrai Shukran, Umm El-Fahm]:
    "There will be peace, I believe. This is based on what I see, and what I hear is going on between both countries, that is, Abu Mazen the President of the Palestinian National Authority is talking positively on Benjamin Netanyahu. And that he is seeking peace and they help each other, as we see it. That Netanyahu is strengthening Abu Mazen and wants him to stay in power."

    Will there be peace or not? - only the future seems to hold the answer.

    "The issue of peace is very close to my heart, it is very, very important to have peace. We should work on promoting peace. Each nation is entitled to have its own country."

    Reporter:Aviva Grunpeter Photographer:Anat Markram
    NTD News, Israel