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    Light Feta | | Feta Cheese Manufacturer

    The growing concern over fat in diets has initiated the introduction of a light feta. With a 15% fat content, our light feta is sure to please.

    Product comes in private as well as Triple "A" branded formats.
    400 gr, 700 gr, 1 kg, 3 kg, 10 kg, 11 kg, 12 kg.

    To exceed expectations via the manufacture of superior Dairy products, relentless customer service, and an empathetic approach to our customer's needs.

    In the 1960'a Feta Cheese was only available as an imported product. Feta, a mainstay in Mediterranean diets, was virtually unknown by the general public. With it's wonderful advantages over other cheeses acceptance of a domesticly manufactured Feta in Canada was inevitable.

    Triple "A" Cheese is the largest manufacturer of Feta cheese in Canada with our management team being involved with Feta Cheese since 1974.

    Triple A Cheese Co. Ltd.
    Tel: 905-678-7053