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    The Second Coming Christ and the Judge(Ahnsahnghong)


    by Amanda0840

    On the Last Day of Judgment when God appears in blazing fire, those who have faith will be saved, but those who do not have faith will receive judgment of fire, as it is written in the Bible.

    What we pay attention to is that Jesus prophesied that when He comes to the earth again, He will not find anybody with faith. In God’s perspective, the faith that leads to salvation is to follow God’s will, that is, the words of the Bible. However, the present churches follow customs of men rather than following the Bible (Mt7:21).

    That is why God promised that he would come again in the flesh to give salvation by restoring the truth (Heb 9:28).
    We must receive Jesus who is to come a second time in order to be saved on the Last Judgment Day.
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