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    How to do Pull Ups for Beginners - From Zero to Hero

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    von Evilcyber

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    One of the questions beginners often ask me is: "I can't do a single pull-up, what should I do?" Not to mention the people still so much haunted by bad memories of 5th grade PE class that they don't ever attempt to do pull-ups again and just leave them out of their routine. Which is wrong, because pull-ups are probably the best exercise you can do for your back! And you, too, can build the strength to do them! It just takes some perserverance and a place to do pull-ups. The following pull-ups for beginners program is for those that already find a regular chin-up difficult, will show you how to do pull ups correctly and take you from zero pull-ups to your first one and beyond.

    It is designed to fit into my beginner and teen beginner workout, which you can find here: