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    Political Advisor Calls Shen Yun "Awesome" in Houston, USA


    by NTDTelevision

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    Next a Political and Financial Advisor shares his thoughts about Shen Yun, after seeing the show in Houston, Texas.

    Shen Yun Performing Arts performed four shows at Jones Hall in Houston last week.

    Mr. Derac saw Shen Yun with his family.

    He says the show offered great insight into Chinese culture.

    [Mr. Derac, Political and Financial Advisor]:
    "The show was awesome. The energy was electric. The colors, you can tell that lots of work was put in to it. It gave me great insight, more insight in to the culture of China. I think it was a very honest show. In that it portrayed the beautiful part of Chinese culture but at the same time showed that there was still much to be accomplished in the way of freedom, justice and equality in Mainland China. So I really, really appreciated it, and it was an honor to be here."

    His wife was impressed by the costumes.

    [O Ni]:
    "My favorite part of the show was definitely the costumes, the different colors. You can tell that whoever designed the costumes put a lot of work in to it. They were very thoughtful and very, very beautiful. There was a lot of dancing with fabric and ribbon. And I thought that was absolutely beautiful."

    She also enjoyed Shen Yun's music, which combines Chinese and Western instruments.

    [O Ni]:
    "The music was perfect. It coincided with the dancing perfectly. The violins were beautiful. The different drums. The traditional music. I thought it was just spectacular."

    NTD News, Houston, Texas.

    Shen Yun's next stops include San Francisco this Tuesday through Thursday... Hamilton, Canada on Wednesday and Thursday... and Seattle Wednesday through Sunday. You can find more information about the show at www.Shen Yun Performing Arts . org