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    Shen Yun Travels to Ottawa, Canada


    by NTDTelevision

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    As part of its international tour, classical Chinese dance and performing arts company Shen Yun made its first stop in Ottawa, Canada last Thursday. Our Ottawa correspondent caught up with some audience members who say they were impressed by the beauty of the show.

    hen Yun Performing Arts presented its first show of the season in Canada at Ottawa's renowned National Arts Centre on Dec. 23.

    Among the audience was award-winning author of science fiction and paranormal romance novels, Nathalie Grey.

    [Nathalie Grey, Science Fiction Writer]:
    "It's beautiful. It's like poem come to life. It's very, very good. And each part is like a chapter in a book, a chapter in a poem. It's very beautiful. We love it."

    Award-winning poet and writer Cyril Dabydeen has come to see Shen Yun for three years.

    Mr. Dabydeen is a prolific writer and a poet. He has written over 15 books and has juried twice for the Canadian Governor General's award for books of poetry.

    [Cyril Dabydeen, Poet Laureate]:
    "The one with the flowers, the plum blossom. That was spectacular. Especially the female dancers, and performers, and the males too were excellent. But that one, the Plum Blossom, for me it was so spectacular. The beautiful colors. That's just my subjective response to the beauty that I saw on stage this evening."

    [Nathalie Grey, Science Fiction Writer]:
    "The movements are like elements, like water, fire, I have never seen anything like it, ever. I have seen many shows but nothing like this."

    [Nathalie Grey, Science Fiction Writer]:
    "This year I bring my husband and my son, but next year I bring all my friends."

    [Cyril Dabydeen, Poet Laureate]:
    "And I would encourage the Ottawa audience to come out in full force, again and again."

    NTD News, Ottawa, Canada.