Dolphins Pull Santa's Sleigh in Indonesia


by NTDTelevision

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Santa pulled by reindeer is most expected this time of year. But it's a different story if its dolphins that are pulling Santa's sleigh! Our Indonesian correspondents have the details.

Santa Claus was busy balancing himself on a sleigh while waving to the audience.

But the sleigh isn't normal. It can glide over water, and dolphins pull it along.

Hundreds in the audience are applauding as they watch Santa surfing around.

This show is part of the Jakarta theme park Ocean Dream Samudra's Christmas Day attractions.

Besides this unique collaboration between Santa and the dolphins, Ocean Dream Samudra also featured Santa with white whales, and showed dolphins beautifully jumping in the water.

Sea lions play with a ball, while white whales wait to kiss your cheek when you approach them. And there are lots more attractions.

The Ocean Dream Samudra spent a month preparing for the Christmas holidays.

That's a total of 14 marine animal trainers, 6 dolphins, 4 sea lions and 2 white whales.

They perform alternately on the show that is held three times a day.

[Roni Rahardjo, Ocean Dream Samudra]:
"People already know that our mascot is a dolphin, and also we are here at the dolphin conservation institute, so we always want to introduce to the public the importance or recognition of the dolphins. That's why we choose the dolphins to participate in the show. We hope audiences can learn more about dolphins. When they know more about dolphins, they will love them and will eventually protect them. Conditions for dolphins in the wild are on the wane."

This graceful interaction between Santa and the dolphins can be enjoyed by the public here at Ocean Dream Samudra until January 9, 2011.

NTD News, Jakarta, Indonesia.