Endosulfan not to be blamed for disease says K Achutan, MLA,


by ankitthakker

Member of Legislative Assembly (MLA) K Achuthan, Chittor district, Kerala has stated that the diseases of the children of Muthalamada are thought not to be due to the use of endosulfan and added that much of it is media hype. In this interview he states that what the media is claiming as deaths and disease of victims cannot be attributed to Endosulfan and he will not support it. Endosulfan is being used for decades in India. By showing pictures and images of poor and helpless children which are widely used by the media, is actually influencing people. He also says that the there is a Christian missionary school nearby which has children with deformities, but it does not mean that they are also affected by Endosulfan. It is a wrong claim by the media and he cannot support it. Mr. Achutan calls for a proper investigation into the matter.
Source: Voice of Keralam | http://bit.ly/gs0ycz