Indonesian Show Features Underwater Santa Claus


by NTDTelevision

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Decorating a Christmas tree is a fun thing to do every year, but what if the decorating of the Christmas tree is done underwater by Santa Claus? This unique idea certainly makes one curious. Let's check it out.

Hundreds of people are gathered in front of the shark aquarium awaiting the arrival of Santa Claus who will decorate a Christmas tree.

Soon Santa, complete with a sack of Christmas tree ornaments, slowly approaches the Christmas tree which is located in the middle of the shark aquarium.

One by one he attaches the ornaments to the tree.

The ornaments range from colorful balls, decorative ribbon, and decorative rope that reflect light.

Being in the middle of sharks is very risky. Should just a trace of fresh blood waft by, it can make the sharks become aggressive and endanger this Santa Claus.

Besides decorating a Christmas tree, SeaWorld Indonesia has two Santa Clauses, who are handing out Christmas gifts to marine animals in the water.

Yes… the gifts given by these Santa Clauses are the favorite foods of these marine animals.

As a result, on arrival the Santa Clauses are invaded by around 15,000 marine animals of 260 different species.

[Teddy Sukmawinata, SeaWorld Indonesia]:
"Those who came to SeaWorld Indonesia, we hope they will be more loving of their environment, loving any environment, loving earth, especially loving marine environment."

SeaWorld Indonesia has become the biggest underwater tourism aquarium in Southeast Asia.

NTD News, Jakarta, Indonesia.