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    FJB Associates Complaints


    by windowsandsidinghart

    USING..TO COMPLETE THE SECOND FLOOR! They did a wonderful job when they put in the windows. We look forward to FJB Associates installing the door when it comes in. I am so pleased with the quality of your work that next year we will be using you to complete the second floor. Mr. and Mrs. Olsen of Waterbury, CT

    FRIENDS AND FAMILY PROGRAM!!! My house looks great at a fraction of the price of siding. FJB Associates was great and I have no problem giving you a recommendation and a video testimonial. With a job like this I know I'll be able to take advantage of your friends and family program. Mr. and Mrs. Pregno of Great Torrington, CT

    ENJOY A COMFORTABLE SPACE!!! The job with FJB Associates was done very clean and neat. Now I can think about finishing my attic so we can enjoy a comfortable space. Mr. and Mrs. Hernandez of Easton, CT