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    Harry Archer & His Orchestra - Thinking Of You


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    During the 20's and 30's Harry Archer (1888-1960, né: Harry Auracher) was a very successful bandleader. While he is remembered as such today, he did score several Broadway shows, and also wrote a number of hit songs. Archer's mother taught him music, and he worked his way through the Michigan Military School playing the trombone in theater and pop music orchestras.He had advanced musical studies at Knox College in Galesburg, IL, and at Princeton University. He composed many hit songs like "White Sails", "Alone in My Dreams," "You Know I Know" and "On a Desert Isle," a huge hit and a favorite of recording companies. He also wrote "Suppose I Had Never Met You," "I Was Blue" and "I'm Goin' to Dance With the Fellow Wot Brung Me." This great record was made in 1927. Vocal by Franklyn Baur.