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    Belkin Conserve Insight


    by energynow

    Another staffer tested the Belkin Conserve Insight and loved it. It was easy to use, easy to follow and easy to program. The cost was $43 including shipping from Amazon. The buttons are pretty self explanatory: The globe shows the amount of carbon the appliance emits in a year, in this case a toaster, if left plugged in, will emit 35.5 pounds of carbon. The $ button does what it says it does. The toaster will cost $3.40 in just sleep mode, or just sitting there not in use, if left plugged in. It was never checked while being used. The lightning button shows the watts being used by an appliance not in use. In this case, 3.2 watts is being pulled from the outlet. The gadget is automatically set to an average cost of kilowatt per hour. But you can easily set it to the cost of electricity in your area, there are instructions. It was easy to use, easy to decipher, easy to program. The only con is that it can be used on only one appliance at a time. Some other gadgets like this can be used on a couple different appliances/tv/entertainment centers at once. The company also has a page with an introductory video. Features Plug in devices to reveal energy wasters See dollars, CO₂ or watts at a glance Convenient tabletop or handheld display Tracking feature gives monthly & yearly projected cost & CO₂ Real-time usage in watts 1-Year Limited Warrant Customizable The Conserve Insight makes calculations based on the average U.S. electricity rate. You can increase the accuracy by entering the rate from your own electric bill. You can also set the carbon dioxide emissions rate for your region. Specifications: COLOR White, Gray and Lemongrass CONTINUOUS ELECTRICAL RATING 15A/120V~/60Hz/1800W CORD LENGTH(total) 5 feet (between display and socket) Number of Outlets (total) 1 Operating Temperature 40 degree C Unit Dimensions Display : 3"(H) X 1.75"(L) X 3"(W) Socket : 1.75"(H) X 1.5"(L) X 2.75"(W) Weight 0.335 lb Electrical Rating: 120V~/15A/60Hz/1800W Maximum Watts Displayed: 1800 Maximum ...