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    "Beyond My Expectations" - Shen Yun in Houston


    by NTDTelevision

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    Next up we go to the U.S. city of Houston, where Shen Yun Performing Arts is wrapping up its four-show run. Shen Yun, whose performances at some venues are partially sponsored by NTD, is a New York-based Chinese dance and music company.

    Jones Hall, one of Houston's top venues for the performing arts.

    It opened in 1966, and in 1967, the designers of Jones Hall won the American Institute of Architects' Honor Award.

    The hall features a marble facade and classically elegant interior.

    This week Jones Hall is hosting Shen Yun Performing Arts and the Texas audience have spoken highly of the show.

    “It takes you to another world. It allows you fantasize, to some extent.”

    “I am enjoying it immensely.”

    “It was even better than I had anticipated, and I really was expecting it to be good.”

    “It was beautiful. It was beautiful.”

    American radio host Terry Mansfield experienced Shen Yun for the third time.

    [Terry Mansfield, Radio Host]:
    “What a thrill to see a perform that is hard to relate in the western culture. To see eastern culture performed at this high level, and high intensity. It’s truly a spectacular event…It’s my third time. I really am more and more enthralled in the quality of the performance and each time I am not disappointed. It is beyond my expectations. Actually my expectations are met more each time that I see a performance. I want to tell listeners, that if you have not seen the performance, Shen Yun, I thoroughly recommend that you come and see a performance.”

    [Sherry Druary, Dance and Entertainment Company Manager]:
    “It was excellent. It was excellent. The quality was first rate. And the storyline was incredible. It was a wonderful experience. Plus I love the opera in there too. It was magnificent…Beautiful costuming, magnificent. It was spectacular. All the art forms were in place and it was a big big thrill for us.”

    NTD News, Houston, Texas