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    016 A Snowy Day


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    November was mild, and so was the beginning of December. It seemed too good to be true. But then the cold weather finally hit. I looked out the window before leaving for work this morning. It was still dark. My teeth were chattering. It was freezing! Minus 15 degrees centigrade. The forecast called for snow and they were right for a change. We got 50 centimeters overnight. I’m not crazy about snow; however, I do find the first day after a blizzard to be quite beautiful. After a big snowstorm the world becomes a veritable winter wonderland. It was beautiful! I remembered how, as a child, I used to love to build snowmen and have snowball fights with my friends. I also loved breaking the ice on frozen puddles. When the snow was powdery, we used to lie down and wave our arms and legs back and forth to create snow angels. And when we returned home, my mother would have hot chocolate waiting for us. What memories.