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    What foods should I avoid in order to prevent tonsil stones

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    What Food Should I Avoid in Order to Prevent Tonsil Stones From Forming in the Mouth?

    It is quite easy to incorporate that food which can avoid tonsil stones.

    A balanced diet containing nutrients, vitamins and minerals should be the part of your everyday meal.

    Avoid eating dairy products so long you are treated for tonsil stones.

    It is advisable to avoid meats till you get rid of the stones on the back of your throat.

    Caffeine, alcohol, carbonated beverages and smoking should be kept aside.

    Avoid foods stimulating bacterial growth i.e. meats, coffee and sugary foods.

    Celery, cucumber, Wasabi, Shitake Mushrooms, onion and water are great natural home remedies to treat tonsil stones.

    Add plenty of fruits and vegetables in your meal.
    Drinking water prevents bacterial growth.

    With a fusion of good dental hygiene and healthy food plan, you can prevent tonsil stones.

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